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Central Kasoa Clinic

Central Kasoa Clnic (CKC) is a privately owned health facility. It was established on the 7th of May 2001. It is also registered as a limited liability company. The present location is about 700metres from the traffic light off the Bawdwiase Road and opposite the Ecobank.

The idea of setting up a clinic in Kasoa was brought up by Dr Nkansah and in 2001, he shared this idea with Dr Srofenyoh and Dr Brew, who happened to be working with him at Central Aflao Hospital. Then the plans to start the clinic started. It was a long tough road raising the funds and getting an ideal location.

On 7th May, 2001, Central Kasoa Clinic finally started operations. It started with a 4 bed detention facility, doing only basic laboratory tests and a staff strength of 5. Over the years, the range of services increased.

In 2007, construction work on a new clinic, started on a nearby parcel of land which had been acquired earlier. In 2011, the clinic was moved to this new site. In 2013, the capacity of the wards was expanded to 25 beds and in 2014 the dental and specialist clinics were introduced.

Due to the large number of clients from the Nyanyano road who patronize the clinic, on May 7 2015, an annex was set up on the Nyanyano road. This was to allow these clients easily access our quality services.

Professional staffs are available at any time of the day to give you the best of all services. CKC can boast of a galaxy of professionals. The profile below gives a preview of its staff.

  • CLIENT Central Kasoa Clinic (CKC)
  • WE DID Hospital


CV 151/12 Congo Villa, Kasoa, Ghana

Tel 1: (+233) 205 838 774
Tel 2: (+233) 205 840 667